The South African Special Forces Heritage Foundation ( SASFHF) is a NPC ( non-profit company) that is owned by the RECCE TRUST. The Special Forces of South Africa have for the past 45 years created a legacy that is highly respected around the world. The Foundation exists to protect and preserve the collective history of the soldiers that serve in the Special Forces Units. With much of the work of the soldiers done unseen and unheard it is often an untold story. We respect that as much as we acknowledge that these soldiers are a special brand of people. The bonds that are forged in battle are never broken.

At the foundation we make it possible for them to connect with us and let each person tell his story, in private, as he experienced it. Should he wish to share it we make it possible for him to do so by submitting this into the digital archive and the Virtual Museum. In addition to being the collection point of these recollections we also protect and safeguard the trademarks associated with the forces. This prevents the abuse and misuse of these and creates a platform where the commercial use of it is purely for the good of the support fund for soldiers.

We embrace our past with as much passion as we embrace the present and the future. Forward we go.

Our Ethos

The Recces - We Fear Naught but God