2 Reconnaissance Regiment

“We Dare -Ons Waag”

2 Reconnaissance Regiment was the Citizen Force, (Territorial Army), unit of the South African Special Forces.

This unit was established in Pretoria as 2 Reconnaissance Commando in 1974. It’s compliment comprised Operators and personnel who had retired from active military duty to pursue civilian careers, but who could be, and were willing to be, called up to perform Special Forces operations when such a need arose.

The Regiment performed extremely well in all the operations in which it took part. This was especially significant as the Operators would be called up from their civilian occupations on very short notice, and would have to make the transformation from a civilian occupation in South Africa to performing Special Forces Operators functions in a remote war zone in only a few days.

In 1981, 2 Reconnaissance Commando was re-designated as 2 Reconnaissance Regiment and continued to carry out its Special Forces activities with distinction until 1992, when, as part of the process of rationalisation and the resultant discontinuation of the Citizen Force concept in the South African military, 2 Reconnaissance Regiment was disbanded.

All Special Forces Operators and Support Staff who are retired, but are willing to be called up to assist Special Forces when required, now fall under the Special Forces Reserve and are dealt into the strengths of the existing Regiments as and when required.

The Recces - We Fear Naught but God