4 Reconnaissance Regiment / 4 Special Forces Regiment

“Iron Fist From the Sea”

This is the Seaborne Special Forces Regiment in South Africa.
This unit was first established as 4 Reconnaissance Commando in 1978, at Langebaan, and comprised the original Charlie Group of 1 Reconnaissance Commando.
Initially, the compliment of 4 Reconnaissance Commando was dealt into three Groups, namely Alpha Group, Bravo Group and Charlie Group – each with its own field of specialty.

4SFR Unit Entrance

In 1981, 4 Reconnaissance Commando was re-designated as 4 Reconnaissance Regiment. At this time, the complement had been reorganised from the original Groups into Commandos, which were:-
4.1. Commando – the Operational Commando.
4.2. Commando – the Training Commando.

Operators from 4.2. Commando also performed operational functions with 4.1. Commando as and when required.
During the period of rationalization, reorganization and integration, from 1992 to 1995, 1 Reconnaissance Regiment was firstly renamed 453 Parachute Battalion, before being finally redesignated as 4 Special Forces Regiment.

The Commandos within the Regiment were thereafter reorganised, to consist of:-
4.1 Commando – Operational
4.2 Commando – Special Forces Amphibious and Urban School (SFAUS)
4.3 Commando – Operational
4.4 Commando – Operational


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