5 Reconnaissance Regiment / 5 Special Forces Regiment

“We Fear Naught But God”


This unit was first established as 5 Reconnaissance Commando on 5 December 1976 in Durban from where it was moved to Duku Duku in Northern Natal in January 1979.
5 Reconnaissance Regiment was moved from Duku Duku to Phalaborwa in 1980 where it has remained ever since.

In 1981, 5 Reconnaissance Commando was re-designated as 5 Reconnaissance Regiment.

The emblem of the unit was authorised on 13 February 1982 and the unit colour was awarded on 5 December 1988.

The compliment of 5 Reconnaissance Regiment were dealt into Commandos, as follows:-
5.1. Commando – Operational (Motto: Komesho Nonyanti)
5.2. Commando – Operational (Motto: Camels don’t cry)
5.3. Commando – Operational (Motto: Pamberi ne Hondo)
5.4. Commando – Operational (Small Teams)
5.5. Commando – Training

During the period of rationalisation, re-organisation and integration, from 1992 to 1995, 5 Reconnaissance Regiment was firstly renamed 451 Parachute Battalion, before being finally re-designated as 5 Special Forces Regiment.

   Entrance to 5 Special Forces Regiment

In 1997, the Special Forces School was transferred to 5 Special Forces Regiment upon the retirement of 1 Special Forces Regiment, where the School had previously been based. The Special Forces School was transferred out of 5 Special Forces Regiment in 2002, to become a stand-alone unit, situated at Hammanskraal north of Pretoria.

The Commandos in 5 Special Forces Regiment were reorganized to comprise:-

5.1 Commando – Operational Commando
5.2 Commando – Operational Commando
Training Wing

Credo of 5SFR

5SFR Unit HQ

5SFR Unit Memorial

Unveiling of the Regimental Colours

The Regiment received it’s Regimental Colours on 5 December 1988. It is seen here during the formal parade held at Schiettocht Base to celebrate the event.

Battle Honours

During the Battle of Bangui that took place in the Central African Republic during March 2013, members of 5SFR distinguished themselves in battle and some members were decorated for bravery with the Silver Leopard and the Bronze Leopard.

The unit was allowed to add the name of the battle to their Regimental Colours. Faces of serving SA Special Forces operators are blacked out.

The Recces - We Fear Naught but God