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The individuals listed on this forum are those who have falsely claimed to be qualified South African Special Forces Operators,
or who have falsely claimed to have served in / with / detached to Special Forces.

Individuals who publicly make unsubstantiated false and defamatory statements regarding Special Forces,
and who present these unsubstantiated false and defamatory statements as fact, will also be listed on this forum.

These individuals are to be found in all walks of life, from the Board room to the Bar room, in civilian, military
and law-enforcement circles, in academic and research environments, in virtually all or any occupations.

They share no common denominator other than dishonesty.

Such individuals steal the honour of the real Operators and they dishonour the name of Special Forces.

They are a disgrace to themselves and their country.

They prey upon the good intentions of people by falsely and dishonestly
trying to solicit attention, sympathy, unearned respect or some other aspect of personal gain.

All names placed on this site will remain here as a record of persons who have falsely claimed Qualified Operator
status, or who have publicly made unsubstantiated false and defamatory statements regarding
Special Forces and presented these as fact.

Once a written apology is received from a person annotated on these pages, we will amend the
relevant entry accordingly. Removal of names will be subject to approval by our National Committee.

If, after having his or her name removed from this page,
an individual is thereafter found to make the same or similar claims or statements again,
the individual’s name will be re-published on this Wall of Shame,
never to be removed.

The SA Special Forces and the SA Special Forces Association have no ties with the individuals listed below. They never earned the qualification
and the right to be called a SA Special Forces operator.
The SA Special Forces Association strongly dissociates itself from them and
strongly disapproves of their claims and actions.


In media reports we often see that a person, who is being reported on, is referred to as having been “an ex-recce” or “a former recce” with
some rank assigned to him. In many, but not all, these individuals do not control the content of media reports, but in cases where they are
not qualified SA Special Forces Operators or proven former members of SA Special Forces Units, we will name them here.
We also expose people who suddenly became “recces” as soon as they were interviewed by a journalist.

Mr Danie Small

From Pretoria, South Africa
(added October 2016)

Details here

Mr Adriaan van Wyk

From Pretoria, South Africa
(added August 2012)

Details here


Mr Jacobus Venter
From East London
Details here


With the advent of social media there are a lot of wannabes that suddenly have a new outlet and perceived audience
where they think they may now trumpet their many “heroic achievements” for all and sundry to see.
We, and many other people who are able to spot and verify that they are fakes and liars, are watching…

Mr Johannes van Schalkwyk
From South Africa
(added Sep 2017)
Details here


Mr Mark Lynch
From Cape Town, South Africa
(added July 2016)
Details here


Mr Gaston Bonifazi
From Cape Town, South Africa
(added May 2016)
Details here


Mr Jaco van der Sandt
From Pretoria, South Africa
(added August 2015)
Details here

Mr Gustav Thalwitzer
Facebook warrior, Rangoria, New Zealand

(added November 2014)

Details here

Mr Roi Strong Sibambo
Facebook warrior, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

(added August 2014)

Details here


Mr Artur Dalmeida
From Pretoria, South Africa
(added December 2013)
Details here


Johan Spies

Poses on Facebook in an AWB type of uniform, wearing a SA Special Forces beret


(added August 2013)

Details here





Mr Jan Ackerman
From Port Elizabeth, South Africa


(added December 2016)

Details here


Mr Frank van der Merwe
From Cape Town, South Africa


(added June 2014)

Details here



Mr Mike Worth
From Johannesburg, South Africa


(added May 2014)

Details here


The Sotis Group and Tom Sotis
Claims made via several web sites
(added September 2012)
Details here
Mr Reon Schutte
From Boulder, Colorado, USA
(added July 2012)
Details here
Mr Sameul “Sammy” Brett
From Blompark, Gansbaai (near Hermanus), Western Cape, South Africa
(added July 2012)
Details here
Mr Petrus Hendrik Swart
From Harrismith, Orange Free State, South Africa
(added July 2012)
Details here
Mr Abdul Rhemaan Vorgers
From Despatch, Port Elizabeth, South Africa
(added July 2012)
Details here
Mr Cornelius Theron
From Wellington, Palm Beach County, Florida, USA
(added April 2012)
Details here
Mr Gerrie Cronje
From the ‘Shepherds Bush Bible Kibbutz’ – wherever that may be
Details here
Mr Trevor Nel
From East London
Details here
 Mr Hermanus Phillipus Herbst
From Namibia
Details here
Mr Bryan Bennets
From Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Details here
Mr Dave de Wet
Location in South Africa, unknown (for now)
Details here
Mr Rudolf Barnard
From Pretoria
Details here

Mr Graham Murgatroyd
Currently resident in Bega NSW, Australia

Details here


Mr Arno Barnard


Currently Residing in Riversdale, Cape Province

(Updated Jan 2016)

Details here


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