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The primary purpose of our veteran’s associations is to provide support. We are soldiers. In a soldiering environment you look out for each other and overcome together. We support our members for our Benevolent fund and almost all our efforts are directed in generating income to keep the fund healthy.

The fund has done some remarkable work over the years that include the sponsoring of the medical bills for a member that lost his sight and the most of his hearing in an incident when clearing mines in Mozambique. In another one of the members developed bi-polar and needed support in getting the right type of treatment for him and his family. Yet another was someone who lost the ability to walk and needed a new type of wheelchair and alterations to his house
In addition to provide stabilizing support in all these cases there is also the reality of deaths and the funerals. For many of the families – especially those that have settled in the RSA after the Angola conflict this is a trying time as their sole breadwinner leaves quite a big gap.

Connect and care is the process in which we learn about the situation and then actively plan on how best the provide support. For some all that is required is a shoulder to lean on for a bit whilst for others just being able to be taken to a doctor makes the difference.

We value your contribution.



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