Cold War -Africa

COLD WAR -the forgotten front

As African states gained their independence from its erstwhile colonies the instability started. From 1958 to 19966 some 58 countries gained independence.

In most cases these new nation states had a high focus on social delivery and with a stringent sense of sharing. This was not supportive of old style governance and all independence was followed by corruption and instability. Within this the seeds of unrest and conflict find fertile ground and soon there were trouble spot everywhere. By 1968 the only area that has not gone through drastic change and the Southern African portion was still very much the result of the colonial era. Angola and Mozambique was still under Portuguese rule, Rhodesia still held out and South Africa, with South West Africa was still not in new hands.

In this the stage was set for the Soviet Block to enter the continent. Through Cuba they supported the civil unrest in Angola and became an active sponsor of warfare in the early 70’s. By 1974 they had achieved their objectives and the civil war saw the Portuguese leave and the Dos Santos regime installed. This left the West to support Unita. The two proxy nations saw the RSA support the western agenda and the Cubans to support the Soviet’s Agenda. In addition to the Angolan Bush a multitude of urban operations take part that targeted the Communist driven banned political parties be it in the neighbouring countries or further afield.



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