Fort Rev was situated in Ondangwa in Owamboland in the former South West Africa, (now Namibia).

Initially, Fort Rev was named Fort Vrede, (Afrikaans for Fort Peace). However, after the transfer to Fort Vrede of a very strict Operator as Officer Commanding, the Operators stationed there began to experience quite a strict regime and were chased around frequently. In the South African Special Forces jargon, this was referred to as “getting revved”.  As it became generally known in the Special Forces Regiments at this time that a transfer to that particular Fort would entail getting “revved” quite frequently, the name was changed – first informally and then formally – to Fort Rev.

Fort Rev was the permanent base of 5.1 Commando, a sub-unit of 5 Reconnaissance Regiment. It was used by the other Commandos of 5 Reconnaissance Regiment, and the other Special Forces Regiments, as an operational base for launching operations into Angola and areas of Owamboland, where Operators would gather prior to launching operations and return to for debriefings after operations.

The unmarried Operators from 5.1 Commando, who were based at Fort Rev lived inside the base, while the married Operators from 5.1 Commando and their families lived in accommodation inside the towns of Ondangwa and Oshakati.


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