The South African Special Forces have a legacy of soldiering that is unparalleled. The legends of these exploits are whispered around the world and deservedly so. The extent of the work done by these men is simply near impossible to repeat. Within this organisation the role of the founding members is of utmost importance as it was these few men that started Special Forces and set the work ethic and ethos that has endured for over 45 years.

The SPECIAL FORCES started as the Reconnaissance Commandos with a mere 11 men in 1972. Under the Command of Cmdt JD Breytenbach these men – aka the “dirty dozen” set the standard and the level of professionalism for all that were still to follow. His understanding of the worth of an unconventional force was visionary and he set about equipping them all with the skills that would allow them to have maximum impact.

In a world without cell phone or GPS, faxes, internet or rechargeable batteries they pioneered the art of soldiering in the African Bush to a new level. In addition, they ensured that what they learnt was transferred and whoever followed could learn from them. They built a brotherhood that would last beyond the grave. Even more extra-ordinary is that all of them that are still alive are active members of SASFA. Whilst some of them are in their mid-80’s, they still contribute to their fellow soldiers.

We salute you.

The founding members were:
Cmdt J.D. Breytenbach, SM
Maj D.P. Lamprecht
Maj P.J.D.J. van Vuuren
Capt J.R. More
WO2 F.C. van Zyl
WO2 T.I. Floyd
WO2 M.J. Potgieter
S SGT J.J. Moorcroft
S SGT J.C. Conradie
Sgt D.L. de Beer
Sgt J.J.P Fourie


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