Initial Cycle


The South African Special Forces Pre-selection, Selection and Training Cycle is the longest, most detailed, thorough and most arduous of any amongst Special Forces internationally. The training cycle is designed to produce and select soldiers that are adaptive and ready for rapid deployment in adverse conditions. The training cycle in use today is very similar to the initial training of 40 years ago and is designed to do as follows:

A. Select people that have the mental toughness to excel in adverse conditions.
B. Equip them with skills that allow them to multi task on an array of needs.
C. Train & Train & Train to be a well prepared fighting unit.

After passing the entry tests and selection they undergo a further 57 week long Basic Training Cycle that include:

• Special Forces Individual Phase 1
• Special Forces Selection
• Medical Level 1 – 4
• Special Forces Individual Phase 2
• Special Forces Basic Demolitions
• Basic Static Line Parachuting
• Special Forces Air Operations
• Small Boat Coxswain
• Bush craft, tracking and survival
• Minor Tactics Rural
• Minor Tactics Urban


Handbook demolitions

Basic Demolitions is the standard course for students on the initial cycle. This teaches operational tactics and skills for soldier...

Handbook SF orientation

This course taught the skills to work with all the weapons and equipment available on all sides...

Handbook Air orientation

This course taught the skills to work with the Air force in all dimensions Some of the contents covered are...

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