Special Forces work is done mostly in support of strategic objectives and they do not hold ground after the operation. The work is thus specialised in nature. Land borne operations are conducted by specially trained soldiers in a wide variety of adapted vehicles for quick attack situations. The land operations include the typical work of the foot soldier to disrupt enemy supply lines by way of mine laying, ambush, and ground attack on enemy positions.

In the conflict period of the RSA history a lot of work was done in the vast open spaces of Africa. For this some specialised vehicles called sabres were prepared and used for these long distance raids and strikes. There were the Unimogs that were fitted with the 2 x 7.62 twin MAG’s, 81mm mortar, .50 browning or 106mm recoilless as well as the land Rovers. These allowed insertion of forces and could reach deep into enemy territory without detection.


An extract from the recollections of James Oberholzer about the first SF operator to be killed in action during the war...

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An extract from the diaries of Justin Vermaak regarding the battle of Cuito Cuanavale -a turning point in Southern African History...

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