Vision: To inspire by sharing the history of those that served with honour.

Mission: The establishment of a comprehensive archive of materials of all formats iro objects, digital media that is catalogued and searchable for use in the public and private domains.

Values: We treat the history as private and sensitive to soldier and organisation and work for the common good of both retired and serving members without any bias to race, religion or politics.

The history of humanity has a consistent line of conflict and battle etched into it. It has been and still is expected of people that are sons, brothers and fathers to leave the realm of their family and serve. When ordinary people like these become soldiers, they are servants of their country and not servants of self. The only reward for these soldiers is a simple thank you and a token (medal). For this the soldier must readily risk his life.

The extraordinary relationship that exists between a soldier and his comrades and between a soldier and his country is unique in life. It is fuelled entirely by having personal value, of being a part of a greater cause. Our recognition of the soldier can therefore not be a once off process. The thank you we give must be forever – and their stories told through generations. Let’s celebrate the courage of the human spirit to be able to put others before self. Let’s celebrate the sense of worth.

The SASFHF has accepted the challenge of collecting, caring and sharing the legacy and history of the South African Special Forces in particular. The R.S.A has a well celebrated history that has seen a peaceful transition despite a 23 year conflict. Uniquely so as the opposing parties served together after the governmental change – a true tribute to the special men of the nation.

We thank these soldiers “…. We will remember them….”

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An Integrated process flow management plan for South African Special Forces Heritage Foundation (SASFHF).




An example of a recollection submitted by a former Special Forces Operator.

The Recces - We Fear Naught but God