The South African Special Forces have among their ranks the most combat-experienced Operators in the world. They have conducted combat operations in virtually all terrain types – desert, stone desert, mountains, bush, forest, jungle, swamp, ocean, rivers, urban and more.

They have deployed by land, sea and air – in every possible application of these deployments. During the Cold War conflicts, they have walked for distances of over 1000 kilometres behind enemy lines, infiltrated, and remained in concealment, right inside enemy camps, for days without being detected.

They have conducted offensive operations to attack fixed positions of enemy soldiers – while being outnumbered 50 to 100 to one. Using other means of deployment, they have conducted reconnaissance or raids on enemy positions more than 2000 kilometers behind the enemy’s lines.

Some of the most significant missions that the South African Special Forces operators undertook are as follows.
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 # Year
Mission Name  Country Engagement Target Deployment Type Operators Terrain
1 1972 N/A Angola Bush War Bridge Foot Assault 8 Bush
2 1975 Savannah Angola Bush War Railway Line Foot Raid 12 Bush
3 1977 Eheke/Kropduif Angola Bush War Trenched Base Foot Assault 20 Rural
4 1978 Rhods 001 Zimbabwe Rhodesia Aircraft Foot Assault 12 Bush
5 1981 Kerslig Angola Spec Ops Refinery Seaborne Raid 20 Urban
6 1982 Xwando Angola Bush War Swapo Base Foot Assault 14 Rural
7 1983 Amazon Angola Spec Ops Railway Switchyard Seaborne Raid 20 Urban
8 1984 Simple Angola Spec Ops Bridge Seaborne Raid 20 Semi-Urban
9 1985 Cloud Angola Bush War Airfield Foot Raid 18 Urban
10 1986 Rolio Angola Spec Ops Building Mbike Raid 20 Semi-Urban
11 1986 Vine Mozambique Spec Ops Building Vehicle Stealth 12 City
12 1988 Hooper/Moduler Angola Bush War Base -Conventional Veh/Foot Conventional 30 Bush
13 1989 Handover Namibia Urban Ops Patrol Veh/Foot Defence 10 Semi-Urban
14 2012 N/A CAR Urban Ops Defence Veh/Foot Defence 30 Urban
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