Seaborne operations are missions conducted by specially trained seaborne soldiers utilizing a wide variety of vessels to get to the destination. In almost all instances the work is offensive in nature. By design most operations are of a stealth nature with smaller teams where the operations are executed in enemy territory. Seaborne operations are characterized by the infiltration methods and the lack of any support once inserted into the target area.

In the conflict years of the RSA history there was a long period of hostility. In this period the seaborne workload was very high and a wide range of operations were executed. The operations would include the simple process of deploying guerrilla fighters to a specific area after training, placing charges on ships at anchor as well as doing land based raids on targets. Seaborne operations are mostly executed on land targets and the operations go through various stages. Typically the operation would go through the following stages:

a. The reconnaissance – normally done by insertion of divers that will do beach reconnaissance’s, scouting for layup positions and infiltration routes.
b. The planning – this is decided by the size of the party required and then what the most suitable carrier would be.
c. The Inwards leg – this is the period from leaving the base until the target area – mostly by submarine.
d. Transfer – this is from the carrier onto the small craft – either inflatable or kayak.
e. The landing – this is the arrival on land and the move out of the landing area.
f. The task – this would include assaults on strategic targets such as refineries, bridges, rail-yards, buildings and other.
g. The exit – this is by foot, vehicle back to the collection point.
h. The collection – this is the rendezvous with the boat party that pick you up.
i. Transfer – this is the period where the small boats exit into deep water to meet with the vessel.
j. The exit leg – this is the transfer back to R.S.A.


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