Special Forces Supply Depot / Special Forces Supply Unit

“Inter Primus”

Special Forces Supply Depot was initially a part of Special Forces Headquarters.

This unit’s role was to see to and maintain all logistical, technical and other equipment for Special Forces. This included all equipment and material unique to Special Forces.

In order to be able to maintain and store the parachute equipment according to regulations, the Special Forces Supply Depot also had a modern parachute packing, store and maintenance facility.

In 1991, during the rationalisation and re-organisation within the Defence Force,the Special Forces Supply Depot was renamed 1 Maintenance Unit.

When Special Forces Headquarters moved temporarily from Speskop to Defence Headquarters in 1992, 1 Maintenance was relocated to Walmanstal, North of Pretoria.

In 1995, after the conclusion of the rationalisation, re-organisation and integration period, this unit was again renamed as Special Forces Supply Unit.

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