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During the career of a Special Forces soldier he will operate under a very wide range of conditions. This will include being deployed by air, sabre or submarine. This may include having to ambush convoys with armoured cars and tanks. You may have to find a high net worth individual or rescue hostages. There is no limit to the possibilities.

To be able to meet the need the Special Force Operator will do training for his entire career. In addition to expanding his basic skills and training the Operator will continue to develop specialist skills in those aspects that he has shown aptitude for.

This may include:

    • Advanced Divers
    • Underwater Demolitions
    • Sniper
    • Hostage Release

The process is done to make sure the soldier is ready for the call. We go by day or night, in any direction, in any condition by land, air or sea. We add below a few examples of the real life application of these skills and how they influenced the outcome of battles.
application of these skills and how they influence the outcome of battles.


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