The Survival course. The most amazing experience you never want to repeat. It’s you and the bush and the bush is neutral. It can’t feel your hunger nor hear your stomach grumble. It doesn’t smell your sweat not feel your blisters. It’s you and the bush.

The African continent is vast and most of its conflicts are borne in the vast rural areas. In this isolation an intimate knowledge of the bush is vital. It levels the playing fields for whoever must operate there. For three weeks you will be learning how to live and adapt to survive in isolation. Then you will be taught skills that allow you to track and follow or, if necessary, to disappear without a trace.

Your body will scream for attention. It will dominate your every thought. Just Food- Food, Food. Your decision-making process will start failing, you will start considering big risks just to get to food. It’s pervasive.

Your job is to stay in the moment. That’s all – just stay in the moment. Learn that the bush is neutral so don’t fight it. Suppress the self and focus on what is around you rather than worrying on what’s not around you – then you will start seeing. Enjoy the harmony, the vibrancy, the balance. It’s beautiful, its respectful, it’s calm. Find your sense of humour – it must sustain you for a career. Be grateful you didn’t have to pay for it. Now smile – nobody said it was going to be easy. This is what being Special is all about.


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