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The SOUTH AFRICAN SPECIAL FORCES HERITAGE FOUNDATION – “SASFHF” is an NPC with all shares held by the RECCE HERITAGE TRUST. It has been established protect and preserve the soldiers’ legacy for the soldiers. It is tasked to hold physical assets to store and display appropriate history and to hold any trademarks or Intellectual property that should be used for the benefit of the collective.

Physical assets that are owned by the Foundation include a property. It is intended to establish a commercial operation on the property that will act as focal point of the legacy within a commercial operation. The project is known as Fort Recce. This is a lon-term project that will be completed over the next 5 years.

Intellectual assets are Stories IP and trademarks. The trademark RECCE and the operators badge has been protected. The use of these trademarks are regulated by Brand Use Agreements. The BUA set out the rules for use including the financial agreements. The BUA is seen as a commercial agreement and all these agreements are executed by RECCE INCORPORATED. If you wish to partners with the group pls contact the Brand Manager on the RECCE

We value all contributions that will help us collect and collate the history to present this to our members and interested parties as part of our Virtual Museum. If you want to form part or contribute or donate please go our dedicated website that will give all the details of our activities.

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SASFA is bound by its constitution. This guides the executive and members to our code of conduct


Get a PDF copy of the South African Heritage Foundation's Memorandum of Understanding.


Visit the Recce Inc site and get all the data about the BUA, our events, branded products, missions, services and offerings.

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