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HERITAGE – THE equipment

The Units are now just over 45 years old. In this period there has been a marked development of the equipment. What started out as standard Army equipment ex World War II was soon shown to be redundant. As early as the first deployment in Biafra in 1969 the soldiers identified that the equipment must be adapted to the need. In that deployment they already noted that the R1 in use would not be suited for thick bush and shorter weapons would be needed.

From 1972 to 1986 the basic equipment went through quite a long development cycle. This included the use of a specialised wing that manufactured special equipment and devices in the form of EMLC as well as stores section that manufactured webbing and equipment for special purposes. A large array of equipment was made for the wide range of missions.

Since 1986 the equipment has remained fairly stable. A Standard Equipment List would look as follows:

Ground Deployment.
a. Rucksack – 65L
b. Fighting webbing


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