Their Training

“There is strong shadow where there is much light.”

Johann Wolfgang von Ghoete



Much of the success of a soldiers is reliant on his training. In this matter the Special Forces has established a reputation for being a well-trained force – albeit unconventional at times. This record has proudly held over it’s entire existence and continues.

A trained soldier is one that can operate independently without supervision and one that will arrive at the right time at the right place with the right equipment for the task and execute it. To achieve this the soldier needs to be multi skilled and must be able to do as follows:

a. Execute physical demanding tasks under adverse conditions.
b. Have good communication capacity and structure in it.
c. Work independently but as part of a group objective.
d. Stay focused on the mission.
e. Have multiple skills
f. Be adaptive and responsive.

The South African Special Forces have always ensured that their Operators are fully trained and experienced in all possible Special Forces applications to operate in all environments. This enables the various Special Forces units to co-operate efficiently and operate at short notice in any location or environment, under any conditions.

In the South African context all Special Forces units with their varying specialities have always fallen under one command – that of the General Officer Commanding Special Forces – who in turn reports directly to the Chief of the Defence Force.

Handbooks Ovamboland

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